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Interport specializes in metal shipping container paint modifications. We can paint a container any color you choose.

Doors and Windows

Interport’s steel shipping containers feature at least one cargo door, but additional door modifications can be made for improved access and utility. Consider adding windows to bring light, ventilation, and visibility to your modified shipping container.

Interior Finishing

Have Interport customize your steel container’s interior to suit your needs. Spec out a container finished with interior partitions, wall panels, and shelves. Or add comfort and climate control with insulation.

Heating, Ventilation, and HVAC

Interport can install heating, ventilation, and shipping container HVAC systems to suit all your needs.

Lighting and Electrical

Interport offers a wide selection of shipping container lighting modifications and electrical modifications to meet your needs.

Lock Boxes and Security Features

While the steel structure of a shipping container literally offers tons of security, perhaps it’s added protection you want. Choose from lock boxes, door bars, panic bars, window bars, and security screens.