Viewing 20-Foot Shipping Containers for Sale

20ft. Standard (Dry) Container

The versatile 20-foot standard shipping container is the industry standard for portable storage and intermodal transportation. Interport’s 20-foot dry shipping containers are easy to load, access, and handle. Plus they can hold high-density products such as metal or dried grains and remain within weight limits.

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20-foot double-door shipping containers for sale

20ft. Double-Door Container

Interport’s versatile 20-foot double-door shipping containers feature doors at both the front and back of each unit for easy access to store, retrieve, and sort goods or materials. Interport’s 20-foot double-door shipping containers can also be loaded with high-density product and still remain within weight limits.

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2x10ft. Duocon Container

Interport’s DuoCon shipping containers offer the storage capacity of a 20-foot container, the ease of access of a double-door unit, and the flexibility of two separate spaces. Our 2x10 DuoCon containers are two 10-foot shipping containers welded front-to-front to fit the form of a standard 20-foot shipping container.

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20-foot insulated shipping containers (non-functioning reefers) for sale

20ft. Refrigerated Container

Interport’s 20-foot refrigerated shipping containers (also referred to as 20-foot reefers) have factory-installed refrigeration units that provide the coldest temperatures and lowest humidity of all available shipping container options. They protect food, chemicals, paper, and more from heat, mold, and condensation.

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20-foot insulated shipping containers (non-functioning reefers) for sale

20ft. Insulated Container

Interport’s 20-foot insulated shipping containers are ideal when fluctuations in interior temperature need to be limited and the containers’ contents require protection from condensation and mold. Our insulated shipping containers are used to store and transport a range of goods including food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, electronics, paper, and leather.

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20-foot open-top shipping containers for sale

20ft. Open-Top Container

Interport’s 20-foot open-top shipping containers are a convenient solution when items must be loaded and unloaded from above by crane or are too tall to fit in a standard shipping container. Our open-top shipping containers are ideal for bulk grains, recyclables, large generators, engine parts, and much more.

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20ft. Collapsible-End Flat Rack

Interport’s 20-foot collapsible-end flat rack containers address many specialized shipping challenges and can be employed in a variety of ways. With panels at either end but no side walls, collapsible-end flat rack shipping containers are mainly used to transport oversized loads or special-project cargo.

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Our 20-foot containers are easily positioned on site. Two or more 20-foot shipping containers can be configured to provide more versatile storage versus a single larger unit. Interport’s wide range of popular and custom modifications can boost the storage container’s utility even further; options include painting, windows and doors, insulation, lighting, venting, and lock boxes.

Offering Container Solutions Straight From the Source™, Interport stocks the Northeast’s largest selection of new and used high-quality 20-foot shipping containers for sale and next-business-day delivery. Our friendly and knowledgeable sales team can guide you through your options for shipping container modifications and delivery.

20ft. Shipping Containers FAQ

How much does a 20ft. shipping container cost?

A standard 20ft. shipping container can cost anywhere between $2,400 and $2,900. However, the standard cost does not account for additional costs associated with the container delivery.

What are the dimensions of a 20ft. shipping container?

The International Organization for Standardization, or ISO, determines the standard dimensions for shipping containers. The dimensions of a standard 20ft. shipping container are 20ft. length by 8ft. width by 8ft. 6in exterior, while a 19ft. 4in length by 7ft. 8in width by 7ft. 10in interior.

What can you fit in a 20ft. shipping container?

Generally, you can fit the household goods of a one to two-bedroom apartment into a 20ft. shipping container. You can fit some other cargo in there, as well, like 400 flat screen TVs, 200 standard mattresses, or 2 compact cars.

How much does a 20ft. shipping container weigh?

Shipping containers have 2 types of weight, tare and gross. Tare weight is the weight of an empty container, while gross is the container’s weight with the payload included. A typical 20ft. shipping container’s tare weight is around 4,850 lbs., while— with the added payload—maximum gross weight is about 66,139 lbs.