Viewing Insulated Shipping Containers For Sale
20-foot insulated shipping containers (non-functioning reefers) for sale

20ft. Insulated Container

Interport’s 20-foot insulated shipping containers are ideal when fluctuations in interior temperature need to be limited and the containers’ contents require protection from condensation and mold. Our insulated shipping containers are used to store and transport a range of goods including food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, electronics, paper, and leather.

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40-foot high-cube insulated shipping container for sale

40ft. Insulated Container

Interport’s 40-foot insulated shipping containers keep interior container temperatures stable and provide exceptional storage value. Our spacious temperature-controlled 40-foot insulated shipping containers have myriad applications including the safe, dry storage of food, fishing bait, furniture, paper goods, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, or electronics.

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40-foot high-cube insulated shipping container for sale

40ft. High-Cube Insulated Container

With an additional foot of height for more capacity to store goods and materials, the spacious 40-foot high-cube insulated shipping container provides the most value in temperature-sensitive storage or transportation. Interport’s 40-foot insulated high-cube containers minimize fluctuations in interior temperatures and are ideal for protecting goods such as food, pharmaceuticals, furniture and paper against mold and condensation.

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The right choice among refrigerated, insulated, and modified dry containers depends on the intended use. Insulated shipping containers are used non-working refrigerated containers that are airtight but on which the refrigeration unit is no longer functional. Whereas working refrigerated containers can ensure a set temperature, insulated containers will only minimize fluctuations in interior temperature. Standard (dry) containers modified with insulation are standard containers to which insulation has been added. These modified shipping containers work best when windows and doors are needed.

Interport’s insulated ISO shipping containers protect cargo such as food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, electronics, paper goods, and leather goods from mold and condensation. Their airtight construction means that insulated shipping containers are also suitable for the storage of kiln-dried wood and other organic materials.

Interport has a wide selection of stainless steel insulated shipping containers available for sale. Or our team of friendly and knowledgeable professionals can walk you through the options for modifying shipping containers with heating and cooling or climate control units.

Insulated Shipping Container FAQ

What is an insulated shipping container?

Insulated shipping containers are containers with added insulation in order to regulate internal temperature of the container.

Why would you need an insulated shipping container?

You might need an insulated shipping container if you plan on shipping temperature-sensitive items.

What kind of products are stored or shipped in an insulated shipping container?

Insulated shipping containers may include medical supplies, food, and biological materials and chemicals.

What is used to insulate shipping containers?

Three different materials insulate our insulated shipping containers, Styrofoam, batt, or spray foam.