Mobile Office

Mobile Office Exterior

Whether you need additional office space at your corporate location or a portable office on the job site, Interport has the container office unit for you! These portable, secure, durable, and modular ground level office containers are a cost-effective and convenient solution for temporary or permanent office space. Interport has four standard models ready to order, but if they do not meet your requirements, we can modify a container into the customized office space you need, including an ADA-compliant restroom.

Our standard mobile office containers are available in gray or beige, feature steel entry doors, double-pane windows, interior finishings including paneling, flooring, baseboard heat, and more. There’s even an option to install cable!

Choose from a 20-foot, 40-foot, or 40-foot high-cube container, with office space only, or a combination of office and storage space. Interport’s mobile container offices are fully customized and can be easily transported from one location to another.

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20-foot Standard Mobile Office

The ideal solution for construction sites and smaller urban spaces, the standard 20-foot ground level office is one of our most popular container office models and features:

  • 1 Personnel door
  • Wintech windows
  • 100 amp breaker panel
  • 60 amp exterior disconnect
  • 6 recepticle outlets
  • 2 overhead LED Lights
  • 1 A/C unit and 1 A/C outlet
  • 2 Baseboard heaters
  • Thermostat control
  • 1 Countertop, 1 filing cabinet and 1 drawing table

40-foot Standard Mobile Office

If you need more office space, upgrade from the 20-foot standard container to our 40-foot mobile container office.

Flexible and perfect for multiple applications or long-term use, this 40-foot model is equipped with all the components of our 20-foot office, plus more:

  • 2 Personnel doors
  • Wintech windows
  • 3-way light switches
  • 125A 12 space, 24 circuit panel
  • Exterior plastic LB power entry
  • 2 A/C units and 2 A/C outlets
  • 4 Baseboard heaters
  • 2 Thermostat controls
  • 2 Countertops and 2 filing cabinets

40-foot Standard Split Mobile Office and Storage Container

For customers needing a combination of office and storage space, these containers include all the elements of our 40-foot standard office container plus an additional lighted storage area. Offering 16-feet of office space and 24-feet of storage space, Interport’s split mobile office includes these bonus features:

  • 1 Interior partition door
  • Storage space outlets
  • 2 Storage 3-way light switches
  • 2 Storage vaport tight lights

40-foot high-cube Split Mobile Office and Storage Container

Sometimes you can never have enough space! Our 40-foot high-cube mobile office and storage container gives customers more room. With the same features and functionality of our40-foot standard mobile office and storage combo, this ground level office is modified from a 40-foot high-cube container and includes all the same interior finishings and amenities.