Heating, Ventilation, and HVAC


No matter your temperature requirement, Interport can install heating, ventilation, and shipping container HVAC systems to suit your needs.

Baseboard Heating

Baseboard heaters create radiant heat via electric elements encased in metal pipes. Cold air drawn into the baseboard is warmed electrically and then released back into the container interior, a system ideally suited for mobile offices, locker rooms, or changing rooms.

Louver Vent

A louver vent is a mechanical opening with a slatted shutter that allows air to pass through the vent while keeping out unwanted elements such as rain, dirt, and debris.

Turbine Vent

Interport can also attach a mechanical turbine vent for shipping containers to the roof of your container. The vanes of the turbine rotate in the wind, pulling hot air out of the metal shipping container.

To generate even more airflow, Interport can augment the above options with an electric exhaust fan.

Wall Air Conditioner

If your container is fitted with electricity, Interport can install an air conditioner directly in the wall to provide climate control with either cooling or both cooling and heat.

HVAC Bard Unit

For those requiring a more powerful cooling system, a Bard HVAC unit can be installed outside your metal shipping container. This is also a great solution if you’d rather not have an AC unit take up space inside your container.