With the Northeast’s largest selection of shipping containers for sale, Interport has used shipping containers to meet every need and every budget. Unlike our new containers – which are also referred to as one-trip containers – used shipping containers vary in condition and recommended use. The more you know about how you will use your shipping container and what things you need to consider, the better you will be able to choose the right container.

Questions to consider for selecting a used shipping container:

  • Will the container be used for shipping or storage?
  • Will the container be used for international marine use? For prolonged or short-term shipping?
  • How important is the shipping container’s exterior condition? Are dents or minor rust acceptable?
  • Will the shipping container require modifications?

The better the condition of the shipping container, the more it is suited for prolonged international marine use. At the other end of the spectrum, containers that will be used just for storage, generally require less stringent standards. Finally, if the shipping container will require modifications like rollup doors, windows, or painting, we generally recommend starting with a new container given the strength and integrity of the structure.

There are four classifications for used shipping container conditions:

IICL – (As recommended by the International Institute of Container Lessors) IICL used shipping containers meet the highest quality, uniform standards and are suitable for prolonged international marine use, ground level storage, and modifications.

CW- Cargo-Worthy – (Not repaired or maintained in accordance with IICL guidelines.) Cargo-worthy used shipping containers are suitable for international marine use, but first need to be physically inspected and certified by a third-party container surveyor. These used containers are also a great option for ground level storage and modifications. These shipping containers may have minor surface rust and dents.

WWT – Wind and Watertight – (A slightly lower standard than cargo-worthy.) These used shipping containers may not meet international marine use standards but are wind and watertight, and a good choice for ground level storage. These shipping containers may have minor surface rust and dents.

As Is Where Is –As Is Where Is containers are sold in their current condition, which can include dents, rust, holes in the floor, and other interior irregularities or missing components. Suitable for fencing, walls, barriers, and other non-transportation applications.

Interport’s team of friendly and knowledgeable sales professionals can guide you through our array of used and refurbished shipping containers for immediate sale. Get a quote today. Delivery can be arranged via flatbed, tilt-bed, low-boy (low-bed) trailer, or chassis. Please note container delivery by flatbed, low-boy (low-bed) trailer, or chassis requires a forklift or crane at the delivery site. A 20-foot container requires 60-feet of straight running room and a 40-foot container requires 120-feet of straight running room for delivery by tilt bed truck.