Viewing Custom Modifications
modified shipping container kiosks

Container Kiosks

Modified shipping containers make great food kiosks, ticket booths, and registration centers for outdoor attractions and events. Whether you want to add awning windows, counters, HVAC, or even a restroom, Interport can convert a steel shipping container into a custom kiosk to suit your needs.

Portable Restrooms

Interport can turn a shipping container into a portable, self-contained restroom for use in crowded or remote locations. We build each portable restroom with a form-fitting fresh water system and wastewater collection tank. Interport’s portable restrooms are ideal for construction sites, hunting lodges, concerts, parks, festivals, and other spaces or events lacking sewer access or requiring standalone sanitary facilities.

modified shipping containers for perimeter security

Gatehouses and Security Solutions

Metal shipping containers also work well as portable security booths and gatehouses. Weatherproof and sturdy, these custom modified containers can be fitted out to function in any climate. With their durable steel structures, shipping containers work well as safety and security solutions. Give your team an insulated locker room in which to secure their valuables. Or store sensitive documents in a climate-controlled container.  Whatever the need, Interport can customize containers to conform with virtually any specifications.  

Field Offices and Command Centers

Looking for a safe and secure space for an on-site mobile office or conference room? Have Interport convert a shipping container into a versatile modular field office. The durable structure will protect your personnel and property from even the harshest elements and can be easily transported from one site to another.  

Agricultural Solutions

Replace a rickety barn or shed with a full-strength, fire-resistant modified shipping container. Create a livestock shelter. Store feed, enclose a kiln, or house an irrigation system. Weatherproof and portable shipping containers from Interport can help you get it done down on the farm.

Storage Units

Interport’s modified shipping container storage units are a turnkey solution to your self-storage needs. Whether adding capacity to your facility, helping to alleviate difficult buildouts, or just looking for extra storage space, these portable units can be customized to meet a variety of storage needs and budgets.

custom design shipping containers

Design Your Own

If none of these custom container modifications meets your requirements, design your own! Interport’s experienced engineering team will work with you to convert a container into the special space that you envision.