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Shipping Container Farms

Containerized growing solutions are available for a wide range of agricultural needs. With many options for climate-control, irrigation, ventilation, and more, Interport's shipping containers can be converted to an indoor farm, greenhouse, or any other cultivation system.

Mobile Medical Containers

Mobile medical office containers are the latest pre-engineered solution from Interport. Versatile, portable, durable, and fully customizable, Interport’s ground level office containers can be transformed into medical office units to aid in COVID-19 testing or vaccine distribution.

Mobile Office Containers

Looking for a safe and secure space for an on-site mobile office or conference room? Interport offers a full line of newly constructed, high-quality portable container office units. Modular and durable, Interport’s ground level office containers are ideal as either temporary or permanent solutions. Commonly…

Interport Schoolbox

Our Interport SchoolBox™ is the versatile, cost-effective, long-term storage solution ideally suited for school grounds. Available in 20-foot or 40-foot lengths, SchoolBox™ features easy-open doors with single-handle access and code-compliant panic bars to let your staff and students enter and exit the unit safely and…

Storage units

Interport’s modified storage container units are a turnkey solution for multiple storage needs. Whether adding capacity to your self-storage facility or just looking for extra storage space on your property, these portable container units can be customized to meet a variety of storage needs and…