Viewing Shipping Containers for Rent

10ft. Standard Container

Our 10-foot shipping containers for rent are the smallest standard storage container on the market. They’re popular in urban areas and as an alternative to sheds for storing equipment, supplies, and excess inventory.

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20ft. Standard Container

Rent Interport’s 20-foot shipping containers for maximum versatility and flexibility. Our 20-foot shipping containers are ideally suited for storing all kinds of materials, and their size and capacity make them popular for a wide array of applications.

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40ft. Standard Container

One 40-foot shipping container for rent could be all you need to store the bulkiest items or oversized loads. Our 40-foot storage containers are like portable two-car garages and are popular for storing machinery, equipment, and excess inventory.

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40ft. High-Cube Container

Rental 40-foot high-cube shipping containers provide increased volume for storing bulky materials and equipment. Their additional foot of height over 40-foot standard containers creates more capacity to stack and store your stuff.

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All the steel shipping containers in Interport’s rental fleet are engineered and manufactured to strict global ISO container standards. Just as importantly, they’re maintained to Interport’s high standards for safety and cleanliness. Their weatherproof design, steel structure, and heavy-duty plywood floor capably carried cargo in intermodal transportation. When used in portable storage, our shipping containers for rent keep your tools, materials, and supplies safe, secure, and dry. Rent Container Solutions Straight From the Source™ and get the best in selection, quality, value, and service.