Interport SchoolBox™

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Do your schools need safe, secure, onsite storage space? Interport’s SchoolBox™ is the versatile, cost-effective, long-term storage solution ideally suited for school grounds.

Whether your educational institutions are public or private, urban or rural, academic or vocational, Interport SchoolBox™ has your schools' storage needs covered.

Interport SchoolBox™

The SchoolBox™ can be used to store:

  • Desks, tables, chairs, or other furniture
  • Books or electronics
  • Athletic equipment or supplies
  • Art, music, or drama materials
  • Tools or inventory for maintenance or custodial use
  • Items temporarily during repairs or renovations

Interport’s SchoolBox™ is available in 20-foot or 40-foot lengths, so it can be placed almost anywhere on campus.

Easy-open doors featuring single-handle access and code-compliant panic bars let staff and students enter and exit with ease, while heavy-duty locks secure SchoolBox™ to prevent trespassing and theft.

Show your school spirit by ordering a SchoolBox™ painted in your school’s colors, or have Interport’s state-of-the-art modification facility upgrade your steel container by adding shelves, venting, HVAC, lighting, or electricity.


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