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Steel Shipping Containers for Sale

Steel shipping containers make excellent storage containers because they are designed to protect expensive trade goods from the extreme conditions of trans-oceanic shipping.

Our steel containers are:

  • New and used
  • Available with optional double doors
  • Compliant with IICL-5 regulations

Unlike a shed or garage, our steel storage container construction and watertight door gaskets make them nearly impervious to moisture penetration, vermin infestation, rot, decay, and excess humidity. For added protection from extreme heat or cold, we also carry a full line of insulated and refrigerated containers.

Each container can be customized to meet your unique needs—whether you require extra security, unique paint jobs, or more advanced features like roll up doors for easy access.

For the latest inventory and pricing information, contact Interport's container sales department at (973) 589-2329 or request a container sale quote.

Steel Container Comparison Chart

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  20' Steel Storage Container

20' Steel container

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40' Steel Storage Container for Sale

40' Steel container

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40' High-cube Steel Storage Container

40' High-cube steel container

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Exterior 20’L x 8’W x 8’6”H 40’L x 8’W x 8’6”H 40’L x 8’W x 9’6”H
Interior width 7 ft 8.6 in 7 ft 8.5 in 7 ft 8.6 in
Interior height 7 ft 10.3 in 7 ft 10.2 in 8 ft 10.2 in
Interior length 19 ft 4.2 in 39 ft 5.7 in 39 ft 5.3 in
Cubic volume 1173 cu ft 2389 cu ft 2694 cu ft
Door width 92.1 in 92.0 in 92.1 in
Door height 89.7 in 89.8 in 101.7 in
Gross 67,196 lbs 67,196 lbs 67,196 lbs
Payload 62,346 lbs 58,973 lbs 58,598 lbs
Tare weight 4,850 lbs 8,223 lbs 8,598 lbs

Modern, Customized Options

Customized storage shipping containers offer a wide range of available options. From custom painting to roll-up doors, shipping containers can be designed to protect even the most delicate contents.

Doors, windows and lock boxes can be added as needed to fit with specialized requirements. Our shipping containers for sale can also offer long-term local storage.

Interport has the solution you need for your shipping containers for sale at a cost that makes it all possible.

For additional information on availability or pricing for new or used shipping containers for sale, contact Interport's sales department at (973) 589-2329 or request a container sale quote today.

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