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Containers for Sale

Interport is a high-volume container depot offering new and used shipping containers for sale. Our storage containers are ideal for storing materials that need to stay dry and secure.

Interport also now rents containers in New Jersey. If you are interested in renting a container, please request a container rental quote, or contact our staff to learn more.

Request a container sale quote from our knowledgeable sales staff, or call (973) 589-2329 today.

Interport's Containers for sale are available in a variety of sizes

Steel shipping containers for sale »

  • 20’ Steel Containers
  • 40’ Steel Containers
  • 40’ High Cube Steel Containers

Insulated containers for sale »

  • 20’ Steel Containers
  • 40’ Steel Containers
  • 40’ High Cube Insulated Containers

Refrigerated containers for sale »

  • 20’ Steel Containers
  • 40’ Steel Containers
  • 40’ High Cube Refrigerated Containers

Open-top containers for sale »

  • 20’ Open-top Containers
  • 40’ Open-top Containers

Flatrack containers for sale »

  • 20’ Collapsible-end Flatrack
  • 40’ Collapsible-end Flatrack

Chassis for sale »

  • 20’L Chassis
  • 20’L Standard Chassis
  • 20’L Slider Chassis
  • 20’L Tri-Axle Chassis
  • 40’L Chassis
  • 40’L Gooseneck Chassis
  • 40’L Eight-pin Chassis
  • 40’/45’L Gooseneck Chassis
  • 45’/48’L Gooseneck Chassis

Safety, Security and Cost Effective Storage

Steel storage containers are available new and used. Their steel construction and watertight door gaskets make Interport’s containers impervious to moisture, rodents, product degradation and excess humidity.

There are several varieties of specialized storage containers for sale and the options include necessary components for safe and secure storage of your products or equipment. Interport maintains a large inventory of 20’ and 40’ steel containers for immediate delivery. We offer modifications including: custom painting, logos, doors, windows, lockboxes and more.

For additional information on availability or pricing for new or used shipping containers for sale, contact Interport's sales department at (973) 589-2329 or request a container sale quote today.

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